About Us


MPAC, Who we are

Madhya Pradesh Association of Charlotte (MPAC) is a non-profit cultural organization based in Charlotte, North Carolina formed by the people living in Greater Charlotte area originally hailing from Madhya Pradesh state in India and people who are interested in preserving and promoting Hindi literature, language, culture and heritage of Madhya Pradesh.

Founded in 2019, Madhya Pradesh Association of Charlotte is growing rapidly and today it boasts of 175+ memberships and is managed by dedicated team of volunteers.  The cultural, sports and social events will be hosted periodically every year providing an opportunity to cultivate, promote, foster and develop the advancement of the knowledge of Hindi language, literature and culture in the community at the same time cherishing the values of liberty, freedom and mutual respect of adopted land.


MPAC Vision, Mission and Objectives

  1.  Promote, foster, cultivate and develop the advancement of Hindi language, literature, and culture among families from Madhya Pradesh residing around Charlotte area especially children. 
  2.  Bring together all Madhya Pradesh families and promote harmony and embrace Indian culture, Hindi  language and literature. 
  3.  Build stronger community to preserve and protect the integrity of Madhya Pradesh culture and foster the exchange of ideas and understanding between the peoples of Madhya Pradesh culture and other cultures. 
  4.  To organize and participate in MPAC Sports, cultural, social and charitable activities and events. 
  5.  Be a nonpartisan, secular and non-political organization in the best interest of Madhya Pradesh Community and its members. 
  6.  We are bound by the rules and articles of a written constitution also known as Madhya Pradesh Association of Charlotte  (MPAC) ByLaws. 


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